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Success and Happiness: Yes, You can have both!

Many people think that success and happiness cannot exist simultaneously. They believe it is not possible to be happy while going after your dreams; that the stress and pressure of success aren’t compatible with happiness.

We’re happy to tell you that this is simply not true. You can pursue success and remain happy, for happiness does not depend on your success, or vice versa.

In fact, happiness is the highest level of success. The ultimate goal in life is to be happy; to live a joyful and fruitful life. While success can bring you joy, happiness is joy. Happiness should be the goal itself.

You can choose to be joyful even when you are going through the most challenging times. You can be joyful while chasing your dreams. You can be successful and be happy at the same time because happiness is not found outside. It is a state of mind, an attitude, and above all a choice.

You don’t need to have a glowing career to be happy. You can be happy along the way.

Do What Feels Good and the Rest Will Follow

Happiness is a state of mind. It comes from within. Your thoughts and attitude play a key role in your happiness.

When you invest in things that make you feel good inside, everything else that you do on the outside will follow the same path. You can, therefore, choose to be happy and still achieve great success at the same time. One does not have to be compromised by the other.

It’s simple advice, but effective. Focus on improving your mindset and doing what feels good to you. This will help you to relax more and build on things of value to you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do things that are hard or bothersome; only that by focusing on the most positive aspects of them, you’ll find yourself happier throughout the day.

Thoughts can determine what the future brings for you. Your happiness depends on your thoughts. Your success also depends on your thoughts. You can have both if you channel the right attitude and maintain a positive mindset.

Don’t Seek Success Alone, But Seek to Become a Person of Value

One mistake that people make in their quest for success is that they put on pause all other aspects of their lives and chase achievements alone. It is impossible to be happy if you aren’t a person of value.

Being a person of value means creating a better environment for yourself, your loved ones, and everyone else that you meet. It relates to the core tenets of character and integrity. It means you have something to offer, and that means to yourself as well.

If you chase achievements alone, you may find yourself well-known, but true respect (both external and internal) comes from knowing you provide value to all those around you. This is where happiness stems from.

Always Follow Your Passion

At the end of your life, you may ask yourself whether everything you’ve achieved was worth it. Was it the thing you really wanted to do, or something you thought was what you were supposed to do?

Following your passions isn’t always easy. Many of our articles explore the ways in which to do that and succeed at it. But those who don’t exclude their passions from their lives, if even from their recreational or hobby time, tend to find there’s nothing worth coming home to after all said achievements are done.

Your passions give you vitality and purpose. Follow them, and you might be surprised where they take you.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Identity in the Pursuit of Success

In some corporate worlds, it can be an unspoken demand that we become someone else in order to get ahead. Our values might become of lower importance as we do what we need to do. Other people become obstacles or competition, or things to use to get the upper hand.

We aren’t suggesting this is always the case, but it’s worth knowing that those who sacrifice their identity and ideals in the pursuit of success tend to find the sacrifice isn’t worth it. They don’t recognise themselves in the mirror. What used to be strong friendships have now become tainted by the things they have done to get ahead.

No matter how successful you become, strive to always be you. Be unique, be strong, and stay true to your character. Being yourself allows you to enjoy your success without pressure of adhering to what others demand.

Remember that your relationships with others are a cornerstone to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Be the kind of person that can get the most out of them, rather than someone who throws them away for self-gain.

Celebrate All Victories

Success is a journey. It can happen in small victories and large victories, and everything in-between.

Learn to celebrate all victories regardless of size. Be proud of all of your achievements as you continue your journey. This allows your mind to always lead you to a place of joy throughout your journey to success.

If you withhold the joy of success to only overcoming those big hurdles, you’ll likely lose steam before you ever even reach them. Our minds respond well to hits of dopamine, the chemical released when in states of happiness. Give yourself more successful steps along the journey, and soon you’ll be more than eager to keep working towards the next victory, and the next.

Learn to Enjoy Your Personal Time, Even When You Have a Lot to Do

Yes, success comes with hard work, but don’t allow for it to take away your alone time, or time spent with family and friends. Be ready to adjust and accommodate certain personal events even when you have a lot of work to do.

Those who work all the time are liable to suffer a breakdown from the stress. What we often forget is that relaxation time is actually vital to success. If you want to do well when you’re working, you need time to rest and recoup the mental and emotional energy you’ve been investing.

Those who neglect rest in favour of more hours worked are less effective than those who find a balance.

Always make sure you have time to sit back and enjoy the things you love. Involve the people closest to you on the journey to success. This will make it that much easier, and the balance will mean that happiness is easy to balance with your drive and hard work towards achieving your goals.

And with that, we’ve explored how you can have both happiness and success.

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