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Removing Distractions in the Pursuit of Your Dreams

Are You Ready to Remove Distractions in the Pursuit of Your Dream Life?

We all want success in one form or another. Ask anyone in your life and see what they say. Perhaps they are looking to master a skill or art-form. Perhaps they want the perfect relationship, or maybe they want to create an autonomous income for themselves.

While we all want to live the best life we can, sometimes we aren’t prepared for the difficult decisions that are required in order get there.

A big part of being successful is being able to prioritize where you spend your time and focus. Much of our free time is spend browsing our phones, engaging with our friends, or watching television, among other leisure time.

While these can all be worthwhile activities for fun and relaxation, they aren’t always conducive to creating and maintaining success. Figuring out where to cut away the fat in your life can be tough decisions to make, particularly when it involves other people.

It also isn’t always easy to see the right path forward and determine what the best call is.

Balance is key, as they say.

Here are a few tips on how to determine how you spend your time.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

It’s easy to find yourself stuck in the details of day to day life.

Sometimes we are working on one little part of our bigger dream, and that’s all we can see. Other times we lose focus on it altogether due to stress or distractions. It’s hard to notice whether you’re on track with your goals, or whether you’re wasting more time than not, when you’re in that frame of mind.

Keep your unique definition of success front and centre as often as possible. Write it down and post it in front of your desk or on your bathroom mirror. Not only will this keep you motivated, but it will also serve as a sort of compass that will keep you on the right path.

It can be too easy to end up on auto-pilot in your life, floating around with too many distractions to keep effective. Do what you can to break yourself out of that monotony.

Stay Organized

It’s easy to get distracted when your surroundings, and more importantly your mind, are cluttered. Staying organized can make it easier to get back to work and to resist distractions, since the barriers to productivity are minimal.

Keep your files in order, so that it’s easy to find the information you need. Clear out a space where you can work on your dream without distraction, such as a spare room, or even just a time of day where you switch off all devices and make it clear to others that this is your time to work on your success.

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Take Some Time Out and Reflect on Yourself

Sometimes we just need to switch off from the world and find some time our own thoughts.

Take some alone time to deep breath and focus on how you are feeling and what you are thinking. After all, you are the vehicle to your own success, so it’s important to get back in touch with where you are at.

To know yourself is to access your inner compass that holds north towards a better life.

It isn’t true of every case, but for some, distractions can be a way to avoid facing the true problems that are causing blockages in the path to success.

Perhaps you have doubts about your dream.

Do you have a plan of action? Do you know where to find the information required in order to make it a reality? Are you feeling overwhelmed by it all, as though you’re trying to move a boulder with your bare hands?

Understanding what’s going on in your mind and your emotional state can be of paramount importance in keeping focused on making it a reality. If you don’t know where the problems are, you can’t expect to fix them; and instead you may turn to easy distractions for some relief.

By understanding yourself, you can manifest bigger and greater things for yourself: and that includes the solutions to your distractions!

Remove as Many Distractions as Possible

We will keep this one short and simple, since only you can decide what counts as a distraction and what doesn’t. The advice is straightforward, yet many people underestimate the inner power you can gain by following through.

Write a list of as many distractions as you can identify.

Yes, we know. It sounds pointless.

But by putting it out on paper in front of you, it helps you to really identify what is taking up your time. We talk often about living lives on auto-pilot. This helps switch you back to manual handling.

As you write, be sure not to judge yourself for what’s on your list.

We are all human, after all.

Once you have a good understanding, think of logical steps for removing them.

  • Distracted by the television? Turn it off, or work in another room.
  • Does the internet call to you? Turn off the modem if you need to.
  • Are the kids always demanding your attention? Wake up earlier if you need to, or work after bed. Enlist the help of others whenever you can to get some alone time, and then work on your plan.

It sounds easier said than done, but start small.

Form simple habits over time and soon you will find it doesn’t feel good to work any other way.


Focus and Discipline Leads to Momentum, but Keeping Momentum is What You Really Want

At the beginning of any pursuit, we have to apply enough focus and discipline in order to make it a reality.

As we keep to schedule and maintain motivation for the goal, habits begin to form. Like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill, with time we become hefty with the momentum of all the actions that have preceded us.

Keeping up momentum becomes very important. If we take a break from our habits towards success, then we risk losing momentum and needing to apply discipline once again to get us back into routine.

With this in mind, it’s important to do something every day that furthers our goal and maintains momentum.

It doesn’t even have to be a major action.

Consider this: if you wanted to learn piano and ensured that you spent a minimum of two minutes a day practicing, do you think you would build momentum with such a small amount of time invested?

It might not seem like much, but two minutes a day is far more than no minutes a day. Often just showing up will get the creativity flowing and the two minutes becomes a half hour, and then an hour, and perhaps even longer.

Focus on creating habits, rather than on being perfect. Showing up helps cement a new way of being.

If you show up consistently and create enough momentum, you will find it much easier to shut out those distractions and to get to work where it matters.

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 We all struggle with keeping focused in such a busy world. But maintaining focus despite distractions is what separates those who create the life of their dreams and those who don’t.

By keeping your vision for your life in mind and avoiding distraction as much as possible, you will create strong habits of productivity and momentum that will help you reach your goals in no time.