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Going The Distance With Teamwork

Whether in the workplace, a family unit, a small business or an artistic endeavor, one thing that almost always strengthens your chances of success is teaming up with other people.

Working with others can give you the leap you need in business, studies, or whatever it is you’re passionate about. Teaming up has many advantages, such as producing quality work, learning from other people, and picking each other up when you fall.

Working alone may get some results, but having others to rely on can help you to go the extra mile. And that is one thing you may not be able to do when without the support of others.

If you are an ambitious person and you know you can achieve more than you are currently achieving, you need to consider teaming up with other people. Just make sure you select the right people to team up with.

Having the right people on your team is the first step. The wrong people, such as those who are more self-centered or not invested in the goal, will be a hindrance to productivity. In short, you will fail to accomplish what you are aiming for if you have the wrong people on your team.

The wrong people will have you thinking of how better off you were on your own before being a part of any team.

The right people will have you thinking about why you have been wasting so much time trying to get things done on your own.

Going the distance with teamwork demands that you know the people you are working with well enough to recognise whether they will play their part in getting work done or not. If you are not part of any team yet, you need to be careful when selecting people for your team.

Yet if you can manage, the results can be immediately worth it.

Three Types of People You Should Avoid When Building Your Team

If you want to go the distance with teamwork you need to avoid adding certain individuals to your team. People that should be sidestepped include:

  1. Pessimists:

Pessimists will interfere with your work and cause you to doubt your capabilities, plans, goals, etc. Adding someone who is always doubting everyone else’s competences will poison the rest of the team. Do not work with people who are constantly saying: “this can never be done.”

  1. Acquiescent individuals:

Having someone who is too submissive on your team can demoralize other team members. Such individuals rarely live up to their potential and barely give their work all they got.

  1. People who lack originality:

If you are a team leader, but you are always coming up with new ideas or new ways of approaching work, then you need a new crew. That is because the people you are working with either lack originality or you do not give them room to voice their ideas.

If it is the latter, try encouraging more participation and originality from them.

Three Types of People You Need on Your Team

There are certain people you cannot do without if you want to go the extra mile with your team. These are the kind of people that keep things moving and ensure success. They include:

  1. Optimists:

Optimists or visionaries will always give you a reason to keep moving when all odds are stacked up against you. They have the power of keeping everyone in good spirits even after a failure.

Optimists avoid expressions like “this is a dead-end” and maintain a “we have already accomplished A, B, C; so, we can still give it another shot” mentality.

  1. People who are not afraid to make decisions in your absence.

You need individuals who are not afraid to bring ideas into execution whether you are present or not. You need people who can make decisions on their own if you are to accomplish great things. Just make sure they have proper knowledge of how you prefer things done to avoid too many blunders.

  1. Creative individuals.

Creative individuals bring originality and ingenuity to the team. This surge of passion and ideas can help keep you going through all kinds of problems, and help keep morale high.

Six Advantages of Teaming Up with the Right People

  1. Completing work on time.
  2. Learning from people with similar interests.
  3. Mastering different ways of approaching work, study, etc.
  4. Being exposed to new opportunities.
  5. Accomplishing more.
  6. Expanding your influence and going the extra mile.

Get the best results from your action plan through collaboration and teamwork. Most importantly: collaborate with the right people. If you can create a good team, you’ll find that your progress increases exponentially in whatever you’re most passionate about.