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Shifting Your Focus to Get Results

We often think that becoming wealthy and successful is due to luck and circumstances, but this is only the story of a scant few. For the majority, working hard and remaining faithful to the goal every day is what caused them to reach success. They didn’t allow their circumstances to get in their way.

It all comes down to focus and mindset.

How many times have you thought your failure to reach your goals is because of who you are as an individual? How many times have you thought your height, weight, race, IQ, or something else is the reason you will never fulfill your dreams?

Are you simply a “fat” person, as someone struggling with their weight might think? Are you always going to be poor, like your family has always been?

While some of these circumstances can make an impact, none of them can truly stop you. The only thing stopping you from reaching your goal is your approach.

What are you working on? What is your plan?

What are you focusing on?

Get Results by Shifting Your Focus 

You can begin reaching your goals in life if you start focusing more on the positive and less on the negative aspects of the situation or your own struggles. Many of us waste a lot of time by giving into the idea that we aren’t good enough and rather than mend that mindset, we fully embrace it as true.

Pay attention to your mental habits. Keep a watchful eye on what goes through your mind when you start working towards your personal and professional goals.

Are you falling into the habit of doubting yourself, and therefore procrastinating? Or you thinking more about the excitement of making progress towards your goals, or more about how much work they’re requiring of you?

What we think about, and the level of energy in which we direct at them, tends to come true in a round-about way. If we are focusing on all the worst elements of our own life and picking out all the difficulties in changing it, there isn’t much chance of us mustering the energy to get up and change it.

Pay attention to what you thinking about and how you feel when you do. This will indicate whether you need to make some changes to your focus. If you find there are wounds to heal within yourself, then begin there.

Like a camera that can only close in on one thing at a time, your focus will determine what is seen on screen. While there may be a world of positive and exciting things just off screen, if you’re focused only on the negative, it might as well not be part of the film of your life at all.

4 Steps to Keeping Your Focus During Challenging Times

Here are four steps that can help you keep focused on the right things:

  1. Create a Habit Through Repetition.

Changing your mindset requires you to think about it every day. Sometimes you will forget, as you’re only human after all. But with enough time and energy, you will begin to notice that you’re naturally more positive and hopeful about your goals. This will snowball into increased motivation, and soon enough you’ll have achieved it.

  1. Remain Focused in the Face of Adversity.

Life will throw challenging situations at you. Rather than focusing on the disappointments, obstacles, and difficulties on the road to success, instead look for the lessons learned and good experiences had along the way. If you can turn a problem into a solution, and a failure into a lesson, then nothing can stop you.

  1. Break Down Your Goal into Smaller Chunks.

Breaking down your main goal into smaller, more attainable goals will help keep you focused. A large, sprawling goal will be overwhelming without a plan of action to completing it. By completing smaller goals, those wins will help keep you motivated and keep you moving towards the finish line.

  1. Resist the Urge to Quit.

Failing over and over can bring forth many negative thoughts. We all feel inadequate from time to time; it’s a part of being human. However, by giving in to these feelings, you rob yourself of the chance to prosper. The night is always darkest before the dawn, as they say. Challenge these negative thoughts and resist the urge to quit.

If you can focus on the positive, even during the hardest times, nothing will stop you from achieving success.